Symposium 2013

June 2-4, 2013
Seville, Spain

"Productivity and Its Impacts on Global Trade"
IATRC Symposium

This symposium was sponsored by the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC), and the European Commission's Director-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG-AGRI), as well as the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS), and the Factor Markets Project.

Organizing Committee: Tassos Haniotis, European Commission, Colette Kaminsky, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Steve Neff, FAS, USDA, Pierluigi Londero, European Commission, Robert M'barek, European Commission, Stephan Hubertus Gay, European Commission

Plenary Sessions – Invited Papers

Plenary Session #1
Welcome and Introduction

  • 1.1 Agricultural Productivity: Introductory Comments / slides
    Tassos Haniotis, EC - DG AGRI
  • 1.2 Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the G20 / slides
    Frank Van Tongeren, OECD
  • 1.3 Agricultural R&D and Productivity: Recent Trends and Emerging Implications / slides
    Julian Alston, Univ of California, Davis

Plenary Session #2
Productivity Growth in Developed Countries

  • 2.1 US Agricultural Productivity / slides
    Keith Fuglie, USDA
  • 2.2 Factor Productivity and Factor Markets Imperfections in EU Agriculture / slides
    Martin Petrick, IAMO
  • 2.3 Productivity Growth in Developed Countries: Australia / slides
    Peter Gooday, ABARES

Plenary Session #3
Productivity in Emerging and Developing Countries

  • 3.1 Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa / slides
    Maximo Torero, IFPRI
  • 3.2 Productivity in Emerging and Developing Countries: Brazil / slides
    Marcos Jank, ICONE
  • 3.3 Agricultural Growth in India: Examining the Post-Green Revolution Transition / slides
    Ramesh Chand, NCAP-ICAR, India
  • 3.4 Agricultural Productivity in China: Parametric Distance Function / slides
    Bingxin Yu, IFPRI
  • 3.5 Productivity in Agriculture of Ukraine and Other CIS / slides
    Roman Slaston, Ukaranian Agribusiness Club

Plenary Session #4
Potential Technological Breakthroughs Concerning Productivity

  • 4.1 Potential Technological Breakthroughs Concerning Productivity / slides
    Emilio Rodriguez Cerezo, EC-JRC-IPTS
  • 4.2 What Applications of Nanotechnologies in Food Will Impact Global Trade / slides
    Frans Kampers, Waginingen Univ
  • 4.3 EGNOS in Precision Agriculture: An Affordable Solution for a Wide Range of Applications / slides
    Carmen Aguilera Rios, GNSS-GSA
  • 4.4 Irrigation Technologies and the Limits of Water Productivity / slides
    Elias Fereres, University of Córdoba
  • 4.5 Role of Fertilizers in Increased Agriculture Productivity / slides
    Barrie Bain, Fertecon Limited

Plenary Session #5
Past, Present, Future of Productivity Assessments

  • 5.1 Sources of Measured Agricultural Productivity Growth / slides
    Robert Chambers, Univ of Maryland
  • 5.2 Cooperative Analysis of Factor Markets for Agriculture Across the Member States / slides
    Jo Swinnen, KU Leuven, CPS and Stanford University
  • 5.3 Dynamic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis / slides
    Alfons Oude Lansink, Wageningen University

Plenary Session #6
Policy Panel on the Implications of Productivity Growth for Trade and Trade Policy

Parallel Sessions – Selected Papers

Parallel Session A.1
Factor Markets: Investment, Capital Markets, Policies and Productivity

Parallel Session A.2

Parallel Session A.3
Long Run CGE Applications

Parallel Session B.1
Factor Markets: Labour Markets, Human Capital, Policies & Productivity

Parallel Session B.2
CGE Analysis of Trade Agreements

Parallel Session B.3
EU Productivity and Yield Developments

Parallel Session B.4
Input Use and Technology

Parallel Session C.1
Factor Markets: Land Markets, Policies & Productivity

Parallel Session C.2
Productivity in Emerging Markets and Africa

Parallel Session C.3
Trade and Productivity

Parallel Session 6.4
Productivity and Food Supply chain

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